before definition

Once upon a time the gods had been creating so much for days, the work had tired them.

There was still a lot to do in order to conclude their task, they needed to pause, rest a bit,…have a bite to eat.

Kulful realized that they hadn’t start at the beginning. What were they going to eat? To drink? Since they hadn’t create the fire yet! As we all are aware there are gods that think about what is the best way to do, they study a plan of action and…there are other gods that just do it, without giving it much thought. Those ones created potages and beverages, they had decided that was going to be a great celebration, a big feast. They were laughing and belching in order to underline their creations. Kulful decided to back out without any comment, he had already noticed that they had no patience to stop and think.

He was wandering around the world been created, unfinished, undefined, full of unconcluded projects… and he was worried, it could get complicated.

Suddenly he heard a noise, sounds. He saw a group of fish, they were speaking, they wanted to get closer but they didn’t know how. He helped them by granting them the Comunication. They wanted to ask him, if possible, to be named. Since they hadn’t been named, they didn’t know who they were and what they possible could eat. Kulful appeared calm, he defined and named each of them. The fish barely showed their gratitude they preferred to calm their hunger.

That action, Kulful realized, had been a starting signal. Now everyone would have the right to be defined and named, belong to a specie

“Everyone” were many…there would be avalanches.

He still had a moment to spare, he looked up and saw what has been created. He understood that all that uniform mass would get “to be”. It was his creation. For the time being, they were still dreams, but once defined, they will achieve their potential and they will become expressions of love.

He kept the image, proud of himself, he knew that he would go back to that image seeking for comfort many times.

He barely had had time to breath, when he saw the first ones coming, he recognized allies in them since he remembered the Oracle, although he wouldn’t say it by their appearance.

Once they were close by, smiles, trust and friendship were breathable.

At the end of the negotiations, he was satisfied with his creation. They had put their points of view with solid argumentations. It was the first time that he even listened to these proto-beings, to their wishes about how they wanted to be defined.

Consciously, he had let them to take the first step because the confidence they emanate.It was a full afternoon defining future friends and allies. Until those who were not invited began arriving

The first one took him by surprise. Kulfull was wondering what were they thinking when they had created that ridiculous hat, when he realized that there was another energy. Without interrupting the friendly hug he had encouraged, he say:

-Before, you were claiming for sexual chastity and now? What are you claiming for?

– Now I have been promoted to the Section “Bread. Circus and Fears” ! Answered with a ironic smile.

Luckily more energies came from the hand of friendship, good vibs were still on.

He was starting to feel tired when, he heard a jingled sound and he saw her coming. She was like an exhale, but what was she coming for? To be defined? What madness! She was beautiful as she was, all rhythm and energy. How was he going to tell her. For the time being he was delighted by promises and insinuations, he would deal with it later.